Sunday, November 1, 2009


this picture is dedicate to SHAWLISTIK for their kindly organizing a giveaway~
i suka sangat-sangat picture ni bcoz there lots of memories capture with this picture.
my mum always remind me, 'kalau nak bagi sesuatu kat orang yang kita suka, bagi la benda yang plg kita sayang'. i love your shawls, so i give this photo kesayangan ni only for u Shawlistik.
_capture by my dearest friend while having wonderful gathering after 4 years not seeing each other.
wearing my favorites tudung give by my sista. i akan perasan cantik, gorgeous when wearing that scaft ;)
dah lunyai pun tudung ni sebab slalu sangat pakai. best juga if get new shawls from SHAWLISTIK kan ;)

click here to join; SHAWLISTIK

pemenang akan dapat;2 fabulous shawls
5 lucky winner will receive 1 fabulous shawl for each person
off course la tajaan shawlistik kan ;)

rules to join their giveaway;
. be their follower
. copy their banner yang kiut tu & tempek on your blog
. capture a creative photo of yourself & dedicate it to shawlistik
. send email to
if everything was done before 4th November 2009
. tunggu jolah result nye;)

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