Tuesday, March 31, 2009


observe thiz image... c how mny pe0ple u can find----... ngeee~

there are 9 people in the attached picture.

if you find 6, you hve ordinary power of observation.

find 7, you hve above avarage p0wer of observation.

find 8, you are very observant. congratulate yourself!

find 9, you are extremely observant, very intuitive & creative. you can rival the observant powers of sherlock holmes!


Khairul Antasha said...

yeah.yeah...sy dapat 8..

Donut said...

eleh..senang je..anak sdare sy dpt carik~die cakap mcm nie.

"Achik..tolong bagi adam yang susah sikit!"


ada.m0khtar said...

i tkot r nk jmp si adam 2... lalala
xtremly observer