Sunday, March 15, 2009

saya suker membebel

oley sbb aku sdg frEe & telah t'baca bl0g sum0ne.. s0, lyn jew r benda neh

Starting time:

Nurul syuhada Binti Mokhtar

4..syima, anies, p'qah & mimie


Shoe size:

150 cm

Where do u live:
murni beach r0ad, qedah..

Have u ever been on a plane:

Swam in the ocean:
yurp.. i like it..

Fallen asleep at school:
aktibiti wajib.. kls sejarah ustat r0ck

Broken someone’s heart:
urrmm.. yurp maybe

Fell off your chair:
haha... ms drjah 2

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
huhuhu.. ms bru2 br0ke up.. plz cll me darl.. (but 4 now, g mamp0s r ko)

Saved emails:
ada jew.. pnoh inb0x 2

What is your room like:
urrrmm.. t0ngkang pecah kot.. haha

What’s right beside u:

What is the last thing u ate:
jer0k mangga

Ever had…Chicken pox:
yurp.. ntah dh x ingt biler

nope.. uuu... xm0

Broken nose:
not yet.. xmahu

Do u believe in love at first sight?

urrmm.. xkot

Like picnics:
hahaha... suke!!

Who was/were… The last person u danced with:
urmm.. si mimie kot

Last made u smile:
cte men2 antu yg sengal kt tv neh

Today did u…Talk to someone u like:
nope.. dia bz gak nyer..

Kissed anyone:

ahaha.. yurp.. jeng2.. tettt****

Get sick:
skit kpala r skrun

Miss someone:
yurp.. mizz him

Who do u really hate:
urmm.. nope..xbek bencI2

Do u like your hand-writting:
owh tidak!!! cm na nk tuleh kt blackb0ard ngn elok yer??

Are your toe nails painted:

Whose bed other that yours would u rather sleep in:
hahaha.. my mum& dad

What color shirt are u wearing now:
pink.. ilub pink..

Are u a friendly person: the person who's friendly..

Do u have any pets:
dlu r.. vanila & hamster.haha

Do u sleep with the TV on:
pnh gak r.. hahaha

What are u doing right now:
answering this long survey sambil lyn tv + nyanyian mImie yg warggg!!!..bile nk habes niii???

Can u handle the truth:

Are u closer to your mother or father:
sudah semestinye..both of them..

Do u eat healthy:
hahaha.. may be..that y i'm slim..

If u’re having a bad day, who are u most likely to go to:

Are u loud or quiet most of the time:
yurp, both.. hahha

Are u confident:
sometimes.. depend on situation

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
—bercinta ngn m0nyet2.. haha
—jawab pmr
—jawab spm
—menaip saIment
—blajq nek bus sEns0rang.. uhuhu

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
—travel ke hulu hilir
—shUpin smpai patah kakitgn, bute mata
—Umrah and Haji
—bina shupin c0mplex..

5 of my bad habits:
—xreti msk
—suke mkn kt kdai
—tdoq jew
—xmo dgr ckp

5 places I’ve lived/living :
—murni beach r0ad,qedah
—aloq stuq
—bes0t, tganu
—bee pey
—canterbury, uk

People I tag:
meReka yg telah m'bzir ms d0k bc benda neh

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