Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Honestly,are u in love right now..?!
aha.. yurp

Honestly,what's going on in your mind right now..?!
kuI bpe nk g mandI neh

Honestly,what are u doing right now..?!
d0k jawab Tag neh

Honestly,what u did today..?!
bgn td0q jew pi bsoh bju, pas2 mEluncur2 di lwn wEb, then pi mkn kt cantEEn, trUs pi lIbrary, cri bhn unt0k mEmasak saIment, pi clUz mr L0h, pI mkn gUrEng pIsang

Honestly,do u think u are attractive..?!
uihh...dh tEntu2 nyer, haha...:-P

Honestly,have u done something bad today..?!
xda k0t,..

Honestly,do u watch disney channel..?!
lyan ajew

Honestly,are u jealous on someone now..?!
urrmmm.. ada gak lew

Honestly,what makes u happy all the time..?!
ntah, happy jew spnjg ms p0n x besh gak per

Honestly,what do u want to see at this very moment..?!
kaBus yg tebal

Honestly,do u have a deep dark secret..?!
haha... mst r ada

Honestly,do u hate someone right now..?!
tak da kot..kalau ada stakat melUat ngn perangai dia jew, bkn orngnya r

Honestly,what do u wanna hug right now..?!
nak..nak.. haha

Honestly,do your wrist hurt..?!
xda p0n..

Honestly,is it easier to talk in Myspace than in person..?!
xlyn myspace p0n.. fs jew

Honestly,does anyone like u..?!
haha.. ramai jew

Honestly,is it going anywhere with them..?!
urmm.. lynkn ajew.. haha

Honestly,do u answer this question correctly..?!
hahaha... sjUjur lg setUlusnyEr

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